1. Raspberries
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Featuring Miles Black piano; Buff Allen drums; Ken Lister bass; Pat Coleman lead guitar; Ron Thompson rhythm guitar ©Joanna Finch, Pat Coleman 2004


with thanks to that gifted carver from the sandstone island

a warm summer breeze
brings a memory from your island to me

We’re wrapped together
underneath a canopy of green
Shadows dancing on your skin
It’s so enticing

There’s magic in your lips
when you smile
And your eyes light up
when you hear me sigh
You hold me like a baby
with your tenderest caress

Mould me with your artist’s hands
recreate me till I’m too weak to stand

I’m floating on a starry sea with you There’s a world of grace to celebrate
Two souls entwined at Heaven’s gate
A nebula in love’s embrace

There’s magic in the touch of your hands And you make me smile
with your gifts from dreamland
There’s cedar scent and sentimental melodies you bring
Dance me under moonlit trees
Figure eight me if you please
And hold me while I sleep
so still and silently with you

under the moon
we’re floating on a starry mystery
There’s a world of grace to celebrate
two souls entwined at Heaven’s gate ascending on a leap of faith

There’s magic in the song of the sea
It’s a rhapsody that draws you to me
I offer sweetest raspberries
upon a silver spoon
Play my heart against the sky
It’s a magic lullaby that sings a simple tune there’s magic in my life with you