The Amazing Miss Finch

"Remarkable in her writing and musicality,  the "Amazing Ms Finch"  reaches out and touches the core of your  being with her voice and energy."  Simon

"Joanna Finch is music. She is a walking vibrating sound expression. She is percussion at the beach, instruments of stone, shell and wood. She is sultry jazz in a dimly lit venue. Her sharp wit bursts with spontaneous lyric. 
Joanna Finch's  voice is capable of a ravens call to a saxophone solo to classical compositions. Her musical journeys have such a diverse range of sound one is in awe.
The enthusiasm of Joanna's art is contagious, spiking the day with colour. As her friend I am richer because of her offerings." Corre Alice, Artist

Writer, vocalist-musician, actor and humorist, Joanna Finch has been living a lush life, and it shows in her art. Drawn to cabaret as a small child, and ignited by protest songs of the 60's, with a phenomenal ear for mimicry, and a sweet, compassionate nature, this animated creature of song is a firebrand.

A single stage presence is not expansive enough to express all the stories and styles that motivate Joanna's performances, so after a lifetime of playing with the styles and voices that inform her songwriting,  she has created three distinctive shows, 

Free Download of Cumberland Snow!  

Just in time for Christmas and the season of song, here at last is a downloadable version of this "classic" Cumberland song, written in 2006 by Joanna Finch and arranged by Sean Mooney. Thanks to everyone who supported us at the concert. Here is our way of saying thank-you.

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